"error": "no handler found for uri [/_security/role/kib] and method [POST]"

I have this elasticsearch.yml configuration(cluster.name: elasticsearch_cluster
discovery.seed_hosts: ["elasticsearch"]
discovery.type: single-node
bootstrap.memory_lock: true
#xpack.security.enabled: false
http.cors.enabled: true
http.cors.allow-origin: "*"
node.name: ip-10-0-14-176.eu-west-3.compute.internal
http.port: 9200
#xpack.security.enabled: false) and when i whant to create a user i request this error("error": "no handler found for uri [/_security/role/kib] and method [POST]")

Hello and welcome,

You have security disabled, you can't create users if you have security disabled, you need to enable security and configure it according to the documentation.

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