Error: No module named _socket when trying to run Curator

Hello, I am looking for some help.
We're trying to use Curator for automatically culling data from ElasticSearch, but when we try to run Curator from the command line with the command curator delete indices --prefix performance_data it generates an error:

Traceback (most recent call last): "(...)\", line 5, in (module) "(...)\curator\", line 2, in curator "(...)\curator\api\", line 1, in api "(...)\curator\api\", line 2, in utils "(...)\elasticsearch\", line 17, in elasticsearch "(...)\elasticsearch\client\", line 5, in client "(...)\elasticsearch\", line 5, in transport "(...)\elasticsearch\connection\", line 2, in connection "(...)\elasticsearch\connection\", line 11, in http_requests "(...)\elasticsearch\", line 7, in compat "File: C:\Python27\lib\", line 26, in (module) "File: C:\Python27\lib\", line 47, in (module) ImportError: No module named _socket

We're on a closed, secure, network without internet access and limited to the software we are allowed to install by the security officer, so trying to run from windows zip download. We do have Python 2.6 on the system, but it is not in the same location as Curator, since documentation led me to believe the package contained all necessary dependencies.

Can anyone help me with this error? Sorry for the limited information, but I am not allowed to disclose the file locations or able to share any screenshots.