Error: Not Found at http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:1376093

Hello folks,

When i click on Discover in kibana i get ther below error,
Error: Not Found
at http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:1376093.
I'm new to kibana and puzzled out trying to figure this out.
Looking out for some help.

KIbana version- 7.5.2
elastic version- 7.5.2
logstash version- 7.5.2
OS- WIN 10 (64bit)

Hi @vidhyadhara,

could you post the complete stack trace here along with everything else probably logged to the browser console? Please also check out the network tab when navigating to discover - there is probably a request returning a 404 status code or another error code. Please paste request headers (blacking out sensitive data) and response of this request here as well.

Here you can see how to do this in Chrome:

Is Discover working besides that error or is it just showing a blank page?

Hi @flash1293,

Beside getting the error i just get a blank screen. I get this error even when navigating to various dashboards I have created, but dashboards gets loaded besides giving error.

Here are the things you requested for-->

Request Headers---

GET /api/index_patterns/_fields_for_wildcard?pattern=apm-*&meta_fields=_source&meta_fields=_id&meta_fields=_type&meta_fields=_index&meta_fields=_score HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:5601
Connection: keep-alive
Sec-Fetch-Dest: empty
kbn-version: 7.5.2
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.100 Safari/537.36
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: /
Sec-Fetch-Site: same-origin
Sec-Fetch-Mode: cors
Referer: http://localhost:5601/app/kibana
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9
Cookie: _xsrf=2|54a6d3fd|6373f8cd57a9d261e78265a633d6a641|1580115448; username-localhost-8888="2|1:0|10:1581332149|23:username-localhost-8888|44:NWQyZWI4NzIyYmE1NDkyOGE4NDE4Y2U5ZjBmZDEyM2I=|80fef37fd9f83e450aa7b520e634731c2f79fae8ab88a2bbb854e561e8dd45d9"


{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}

Thanks for the details, those help a lot!

I checked the code around this api call and it seems like this error occurs when there is a lingering index pattern with no data to back it. Could you check whether there is a apm-* index pattern in the management section and delete it if it's there? This should resolve the error.

Edit: the bug is tracked here:

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Hello @flash1293,
That worked, and also changing default index to any of my index works too...
Thank you so much for looking into the problem and providing me a solution.

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