Error occurrences per 1000 requests - Multiple queries on a single graph

Is it possible displaying the frequency of a specific error per 1000 operations on a visualization on Kibana, without Kibana Lens? Using filters I can get the count of errors and the count of operations and display them in the same visualization. However, I would like the number of operations to be displayed in a line and the number of errors in a bar. Can I have two chart types in the same visualization, for the same metric?

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Why the requirement of not using Kibana Lens? It supports multiple layers for charts, which allows to do exactly this overlay of multiple chart types (line + bars).

It just needs an update in order to have Kibana Lens and I do not have the capacity to do it right now. Is there any other way?

You can layer compatible chart types in the Agg-based editor within the Metrics & axes panel.
Expand for each metric panel and pick the desired Chart type from the list:

But this is for different metrics, right? I dont have different metrics, I have two filters on the message field, one to retrieve the count of operations and one to retrieve the count of errors. I found out that the TSVB visualization supports the needed functionality. My only issue now is that I want the operations to be normalized to 1000. So, that I have the count of errors per 1000 operations.

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