Error regarding updation of dashboard through python using elasticsearch-dsl library

This is the error that I am getting while I am trying to update my Kibana dashboard using the elasticsearchdsl library for python:

b'{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Saved object [visualization/1663536927031] not found"}'

"1663536927031" - this is the filter id that I got from the Kibana dashboard link itself. Actually I have a field name called "topic". "topic" contains some more data like: "rajamouli","shahrukhkhan","surya" etc. So whenever we select one topic, it should show the data of that particular topic. I've attached the screenshot of the filter that I am trying to update with the label being "event".

I am trying to update the filter directly through python by using the elasticsearchdsl library but I am getting the error. Can someone please help and if there is any other way, please suggest.

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