Error restoring state from URL - Kibana Dashboard

Hello Elastic community,

I am currently facing an issue with constructing a URL for Kibana dashboards with specific filters based on a given parameter. The objective is to filter the dashboard based on the user login area. To give more insight, I have created a dashboard for admin purposes and I also want this dashboard shall be used by the dispenser or distributor in all parts of the country, so the primary aspect of this dashboard shall be that based on the session id of the UI (I have embedded it in the existing UI as a separate tab) , the data should get filter.

For the trial purpose, I have hardcoded the URL with a specific id for the EventSenderCustodianid with a number present in my index. I got this sample URL from the elastic community old message

I have visuals in my dashboard with two different index. From the Event Index , i want to use EventSernderCustodianID & EventReceiverCustodianID and from the Item Index, i want to use ItemLastSenderCustodianID and ItemLastReceiverCustodianID.

I have constructed the URL as follows:


However, even though the URL does not throw any errors, the dashboard does not get filtered based on the specified eventSenderCustodianId.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance on how to construct the URL correctly to achieve the desired filtering based on eventSenderCustodianId.

Thank you for your assistance!

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Kumar Abhinav

I have this script. This URL is working on a single KEY. I want to filter the dashboard on multiple Keys (4 to be exact). How should I do it?

  1. :itemLastEventSenderCustodianId 2. :itemLastEventReceiverCustodianId 3: EventSenderCustodianId 4: EventReceiverCustoianId!(('$state':(store:globalState),meta:(alias:!n,disabled:!f,index:b4b1d080-485b-11ee-84fa-49cb5bc4ded3,key:itemLastEventSenderCustodianId,negate:!f,params:(query:'5000456000260'),type:phrase),query:(match_phrase:(itemLastEventSenderCustodianId:(query:'5000456000260'))))),time:(from:now-30d,to:now),viewMode:view)&debug=true&show-time-filter=true)

Someone, Please help me with this.

Hello Gurus,

I am a starter in Kibana. Someone, please help me with this.


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