How to clear filters from the Dashboard?

We upgraded Elastic Cloud version 7.13.2 to 7.15.2.

In our web page, we have a button and embed Dashboard like this.

The dashboard URL in iframe is saved object embed code what Kibana provides which is like below.


When the button is clicked, above URL is reloaded to clear existing filters and update the dashboard which worked fine with v.7.13.2.
However in v.7.15.2, filters reappear and the dashboard data is filtered although the button is clicked.

What should I do to use the button just like before?
If the filter state is stored in the url, how can I clear the state and go back to unfiltered dashboard again?

Hi @m-amano, this is a good question! Yes the way that dashboard reads state from the URL has changed between 7.13 and 7.15. But the good news is that it still reads state on soft refresh.

The difference is that now the filters aren't stored in the URL, so you actually have to override them. Try using this url instead:


The difference here is the &_a=(filters:()) at the end, which tells the dashboard to remove all filters.

Thanks for your reply! I'll try with the url you mentioned!

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