Kibana URL not updating with Filters

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with my Kibana Dashboard. Whenever I update some filter the vlaues of the URL is expected to be changes but it is not changing. It is remaining same.

Currect values for URL in Kibana Dashboard:


Expected Value:


This is needed as our Angular app can replace the values for filter as per the user requirement.
Please let me if any questions.


Hi Praveen.

The parameters in the URL are encoded in RISON. I copied parts of your expected value into this decoder tool. After review, I believe you have too many parentheses after the query parameter (look for ID.keyword:'695').

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for responding.

I dont have concern or problem with how many parameters we have in Expected URL.

Actully the URL I pasted as Expected part is from different Kibana server where things are working fine.

But in new installation I am not getting the URL updated with filter applied at all. So the URL is not changing with filter applied as it should be.

In this image, the yellow highlighted part where a filter is applied but its not updating in the URL, is there any config changes required to update in the URL also.


Hi Praveen,

Thanks for the additional context, I understand better now. You are experiencing this bug. Unfortunately, we do not have a fix for this yet.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response. I went through the Github bug also.

Could you please share some alternative to acheive the same functionality as we have an Angular app calling different filter applied dashboard using its URL. But now it is starting from Home Page without any filter applied.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Praveen. I think you could write your filter in the Kuery bar instead. The URL should persist Kuery bar filters.

@pk80103 After you add a filter on the dashboard, can you go to Chrome's Dev Tools -> Application -> Session Storage and find the URL where the dashboard is? Then, find its key dashboardStateManagerPanels and right-click on the expanding field filters -> Copy object. You can input this JSON object in the Rison encoder above, and get it in a format that you can use in the Angular app URL in the part with the appState, &_a=.

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