Is kibana supports dynamic filters to a URL?

Is kibana supports dynamic filters to a URL ?

Example -
create a filter on an index and saved this search.
copy the URL
This search URL is associated to the one of the field in Index Pattern. But, I couldn't add different filter URL on the Same index in Index Pattern.
How can we generate URL with dynamic filters ?

Kibana stores the filters in the URL for Discover/Visualize/Dashboard encoded as rison, so you can dynamically generate a URL containing a certain filter. However you have to make sure to generate a valid filter in there. Consider the following case:


it's equivalent to the following JSON:

    "filters": [
            "$state": {
                "store": "appState"
            "meta": {
                "alias": null,
                "disabled": false,
                "index": "90943e30-9a47-11e8-b64d-95841ca0b247",
                "key": "extension.keyword",
                "negate": false,
                "params": {
                    "query": "gz"
                "type": "phrase"
            "query": {
                "match_phrase": {
                    "extension.keyword": "gz"

To change the field and the value it's matching, you have to change it in both the meta.key and meta.params.query property, as well as in the query.match_phrase property.

You can use to play around with JSON/RISON to get a feeling for how it works

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