Dynamic Routing in kibana

Is there a possibility where I can pass the fields to filter to an exisiting chart in kibana through the url ?

So I can see the chart with the filter that is applied

Using the URL Field formatter to do so isn't possible; however, you should be able to do so using Scripted Fields


I have used scripted fields before, but am not sure when you say we can create URL's ? could you throw me an example please. That would be really helpful.

@Marius_Dragomir - any inputs?

Ah, you want to create a filter automatically via the URL? That is actually possible.
Easiest way to do it (as It really depends on your Kibana version) will be to create a dashboard, copy the URL, then create a filter for it and copy the second URL.
If you compare them the part of the URL that does the filter should be pretty obvious.
Then from you app you can just add that part to the Kibana url when you click on it.

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