How can I pass filters to graph through URL in kibana 6.1

(Akshay Patil) #1

I want to filter the link graph dynamically based on user selection how can I pass filter to graph through URL?

(Joe Fleming) #2

I don't believe that Graph stores filter information in the URL, so passing filters in that way isn't possible.

(Akshay Patil) #3

Is there any other way?

(Joe Fleming) #4

Not that I'm aware of, but I also don't really know much about Graph.

@Mark_Harwood maybe you know; is there a way to control the Graph application besides the UI?

(Mark Harwood) #5

There’s a ‘query=‘ param you can pass to a saved workspace URL which can be a Lucene query string or Graph explore api JSON

19 minutes into this video shows how

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