How dynamic can Kibana be? Visualizing Graphs on the fly?

I've started using Kibana, liked it but i might eventually move away from it as i don't see that i can accomplish the following:

I have a dataset with keywoards and numbers on it and based on a URL query or any option to add a filter on the fly i would like to ship a URL.


There are maybe 1000 user's, i can't generate those pages by hand.

If you'd just like to set up a filter in the URL, you can do that. The entire state of visualizations and dashboards lives in the URL, so you can modify any filters applied to them simply by updating the URL.

The encoding it uses is called Rison, which is kind of like a URL-safe JSON. Here's a library to help you work with that data.

You'll need to learn a bit about how state works in Kibana's URLs, which is easier to understand if you convert that Rison data to JSON. Once you understand it, it's not super hard to generate your own URLs to apply filters on the fly.

Allright i get this part, u can basically generate a log query String, but this is very restrictive if you want to share a link. You will end up sending N*hundred's of characters as a link. I basically would have to generate a short-url that get's as an input a filter that i want and from that redirect to a url.

I was expecting, that I can generate a page/blog that can take as input a query.

You could build your own little app that does that for you. Basically, ask the user for some information, use that information to create the filter(s) you want, and then generate a link on the fly for the user to click on. Or, even better, you can redirect them directly based on their input.

Kibana does have a URL shortener built in too, but once you create a short link, you can't modify the URL anymore.

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