Error upgrade 8.2

How can I fix this error that occurs after installing the new version of kibana ?

[FATAL][root] Error: Unable to complete saved object migrations for the [.kibana] index: The Elasticsearch cluster has cluster routing allocation incorrectly set for migrations to continue. To proceed, please remove the cluster routing allocation settings with PUT /_cluster/settings {"transient": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}, "persistent": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}, "persistent": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}}


These are our upgrade docs - Upgrade to Elastic 8.2.0 | Elastic Installation and Upgrade Guide [8.2] | Elastic

So you need get previous version stack up from where you were upgrading - This should show up as a critical issue on your upgrade assistant in the UI, run the command -

PUT /_cluster/settings {"transient": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}, "persistent": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}, "persistent": {"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": null}}

and then upgrade.



I succeeded by starting from 0 and taking into account the errors that I could find.

thank you for your answer

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