(Varsha Ann) #1

am not able to do mapping for the following code
PUT washroom
"mapping" : {
"jsondata" : {
"properties" : {

  "sno" : {"type": "integer"},
  "feedback_toilet_id": {"type": "keyword"},
  "sensor_value": {"type": "integer"},
  "people_count": {"type": "integer"},
  "satisfied": {"type": "integer"},
  "med_satisfied": {"type": "integer"},
  "not_satified": {"type": "integer"},
  "rfid_value": {"type": "keyword"},
  "timestamp": {"type": "date"}      


and the error showing is:
"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "unknown setting [] please check that any required plugins are installed, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings"

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

If you look at the docs for the put mapping API, you need to send the mapping to PUT washroom/_mapping.

(Varsha Ann) #3

if possible ,could you please show me an example.So that i could understand it better.

(Varsha Ann) #4

its okay
i got it
thank you so much

(Varsha Ann) #5

See am a beginner.Could you please tell me what should i do next to add a large json file so that i could visualize in kibana

(Christian Dahlqvist) #6

What does the file look like?

You probably want to look at Logstash for this, and this blog post is a good starting point.

(Varsha Ann) #7

my file is a json file i would show you a part of it.
"sno": 1,
"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI101",
"sensor_value": 300,
"people_count": 12,
"satisfied": 11,
"med_satisfied": 11,
"not_satisfied": 12,
"rfid_value": "0",
"timestamp": "1524487792708"
"sno": 2,
"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI101",
"sensor_value": 50,
"people_count": 20,
"satisfied": 15,
"med_satisfied": 12,
"not_satisfied": 2,
"rfid_value": "0",
"timestamp": "1524816675362"
like this the file goes on upto sno:11500

so should i really need a logstash or is there any other method to do that.I heard about bulk API .But i dont really know how to use it.Please help.
By the way, my operating system is linux .

(Christian Dahlqvist) #8

This is not in bulk format, so I would recommend Logstash.

(Varsha Ann) #9

if the file is in bulk format,then what can we have to do?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #10

Then you can probably upload it directly using the bulk API, e.g. using curl, unless it is too large.

(Varsha Ann) #11

Yh I will try it out.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #12

You can also write a little script or program that uploads it using one of the language clients.

(Varsha Ann) #13

Please if possible show me an example

(Varsha Ann) #14

red open washroom WRO4YfUPSYajzTpEAmEcYw 5 1

Am having the health of my indices as red.What should I do now to make it green?

(Varsha Ann) #15

hey please help me
while running this code:
$ curl -XPOST http://localhost:9200/_bulk?pretty --data-binary @zip.json

I am getting this error.
"error" : "Content-Type header [application/x-www-form-urlencoded] is not supported",
** "status" : 406**

(Christian Dahlqvist) #16

I think this blog post explains it well.

(Varsha Ann) #17

I tried running this code ,yet not working
$ curl -s -H "Content-Type: application/x-ndjson" -XPOST localhost:9200/_bulk?pretty --data-binary "@zip.json

(Christian Dahlqvist) #18

What if you try this, which follows the example provided in the documentation?

$ curl -XPOST "localhost:9200/_bulk"  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary @zip.json

(Varsha Ann) #19

Its not working.

(Varsha Ann) #20

I have tried doing this :
POST /washroom/_bulk
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}**
{"sno": 0,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI100", "sensor_value": 3,"people_count": 6,"satisfied": 1,"med_satisfied": 1,"not_satisfied": 2,"rfid_value": "3","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 1,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI101", "sensor_value": 4,"people_count": 7,"satisfied": 2,"med_satisfied": 2,"not_satisfied": 3,"rfid_value": "4","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 2,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI102", "sensor_value": 5,"people_count": 8,"satisfied": 3,"med_satisfied": 3,"not_satisfied": 4,"rfid_value": "5","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 3,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI103", "sensor_value": 6,"people_count": 9,"satisfied": 4,"med_satisfied": 4,"not_satisfied": 5,"rfid_value": "6","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 4,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI104", "sensor_value": 7,"people_count": 10,"satisfied": 5,"med_satisfied": 5,"not_satisfied": 6,"rfid_value": "7","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 5,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI105", "sensor_value": 8,"people_count": 11,"satisfied": 6,"med_satisfied": 6,"not_satisfied": 7,"rfid_value": "8","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 6,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI106", "sensor_value": 9,"people_count": 12,"satisfied": 7,"med_satisfied": 7,"not_satisfied": 8,"rfid_value": "9","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 7,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI107", "sensor_value": 10,"people_count": 13,"satisfied": 8,"med_satisfied": 8,"not_satisfied": 9,"rfid_value": "10","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 8,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI108", "sensor_value": 11,"people_count": 14,"satisfied": 9,"med_satisfied": 9,"not_satisfied": 10,"rfid_value": "11","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 9,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI109", "sensor_value": 12,"people_count": 15,"satisfied": 10,"med_satisfied": 10,"not_satisfied": 11,"rfid_value": "12","timestamp": "1529775125"} **
** {"index":{"_index":"washroom","_type":"doc"}}

{"sno": 10,"feedback_toilet_id": "TOI1010", "sensor_value": 13,"people_count": 16,"satisfied": 11,"med_satisfied": 11,"not_satisfied": 12,"rfid_value": "13","timestamp": "1529775125"}

and it shows error :
** "statusCode": 504,**
** "error": "Gateway Time-out",**
** "message": "Client request timeout"**

what should i do?