Errors Setting all Password ElasticStack 7.16.3 running on IBM Cloud


I have been working on setting up the basic security for elastic and kibana, but when I follow this guide. When I run the "Elasticsearch-setup-passwords" command. I am receiving the following error - "could not find java in bundled JDK at /opt/bitnami/Elasticsearch/jdk/bin/java" with sudo.

I looked around at the different environment variable changes for ES_JAVA_HOME, JAVA_HOME, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH. With no luck when changing those to the java path.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Hi @Bryan_Kribbs ,

What is the contents of the jdk dir at the /opt/bitnami/Elasticsearch path?
Does the ES process start with ./bin/Elasticsearch ?

Elasticsearch ships with a jvm in these later versions, and the elasticsearch-setup-passwords script looks to use the JVM from the instalation, unless the ES_JAVA_HOME variable is set.

Is this a .tar or a package .deb/.rpm instalation? Can you share more details on the env so that we can try to reproduce this?

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