ES 5.0.1 doesn't work with Jre x86 on Win x64


Good evening, :snowflake:️ ElasticSearch team :snowflake:️ !

I have a problem:
Why I can't run elasticsearch.bat on Windows 10 x64 with jre1.8.0_111 x86? After some research I found out that bin folder doens't have server folder and requires it. Could you handle this situation?

Old 2.4.1 worked fine!

Thanks in advance

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Just use docker

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You may be did not follow the guide on how to install that on Windows?
I think you have to remove existing service if any first.


I don't want to use it.


Where can I find anything about this service in ?
And why it's working with 2.4.1?
JRE x64 fixed this problem but it was nontrivial case.

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So you mean that JDK 32 bits does not play well but JDK 64 bits works well?
May be you can open an issue and report that?

I don't see anything obvious saying that only 64 bits versions are supported:



No, JRE 32 bits doesn't play well but JRE 64 bits works well. JDK is NOT JRE.

It was closed

Me too and it's my concern.

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It will run fine if you remove or comment out the -server line from the jvm.options file.

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