ES 6.1.2 Basic Licence - monitoring not accessible

Hello everyone,

we've got a problem with our monitoring tab in Kibana. It's quite easy - we've registered the Basic licence, but the monitoring tab is still displaying we should get one.

When I go to Management --> Licence management, the licence is active.

There is something I clearly do not get about the licencing. Could anyone help me?:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @michal.kourik,

In your kibana.yml, do you have xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url configured? If so, then it's communicating with a different cluster.

Hope that helps,

Hi @pickypg,

sorry for my late answer. The problem is it was working without any problem for a month and then it stopped working. So I guess everything is configured properly.

I guess it is about the licence, not about the configuration. The problem is that the Monitoring tab tells me to register a Basic licence, and in Management --> Licence management I see "Your basic licence is Active".

Any other ideas? It looks like I have a bad licence, but it is the Basic one, so I though the Monitoring tab should be working at least with a basic functions.

Find the solution! The license was not installed on the monitored machines in the cluster, just in Kibana...

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