ES 8.0.0 Deletion with index lifecycle policy does nothing

I am running an elk stack set up with helm chart running 8.0.0 version. I have a simple delete policy I created in the kibana dashboard that just deletes indices older than 1 minute (this is for testing). I then applied it to an index that is several days old, and waited 10 minutes, and the index has lifecycle "Current phase delete." However, it is still there. Why is the index not being deleted?

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Please share your policy.

Hi! This is the policy:

PUT _ilm/policy/testing
  "policy": {
    "phases": {
      "hot": {
        "actions": {
          "set_priority": {
            "priority": 100
        "min_age": "0ms"
      "delete": {
        "min_age": "1m",
        "actions": {}

And this is the settings of an index I applied the policy to:

  "index.blocks.read_only_allow_delete": "false",
  "index.query.default_field": [
  "index.write.wait_for_active_shards": "1",
  "": "testing",
  "index.routing.allocation.include._tier_preference": "data_content",
  "index.refresh_interval": "10s",
  "index.analysis.analyzer.oap_analyzer.type": "stop",
  "index.priority": "100",
  "index.number_of_replicas": "0"

You need to add delete to the actions section.

Thanks for clearing that up! I cannot find where to add this on the UI though. Is it something that is API only?

It's likely related to

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