ES Delete not freeing up disk space

I have an index in ES , with 5 shards , 0 replicas and , indexing some data
with Parent child relationship. The size of the index is 1.1 GB.
I am setting child document's id, parent , and routing value , as the
parent's ID , and parent's routing value also the same (to enable , that
both the documents go to the same shard) .

When i go and delete the child mapping , data is expected to be deleted,
which is reflected by the REST API (_Stats/_status). (shows 957 mb )

But upon checking manually , the disk space was not getting freed up .
So, i tried optimization . Although the optimization operation response was
successful, the disk space didn't get free.

By reffering to this link ;-

i tried using the curl command -

curl -XPOST ''

Although the command was run successfully , but , the response was


1 shard not either successful, nor failed.

I checked the stats/status API, the size it refleced was reduced , but disk
size was still the same.
Also , it reflected the same number of shards (successful = 4) .

After deletion when ES shows 4 successful shards , the size of the 5th
shard is (1.1 GB -957 MB).

Physically , all the 5 shards are present in the data directory. Upon
restarting the ES instance , it again shows( Stats/Status API) , 5
successful shards , and the data size is again back to 1.1 GB.

I am using elasticsearch-0.90.0.RC2 .

Please help me .Where am i going wrong ?

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