ES_HEAP_SIZE=3g not reflecting in the Kibana status dashboard

(Chirag) #1

Dear Team,

We have configured ES_HEAP_SIZE=3g as the environment variable, and bootstrap.mlockall: true in config file and the same is reflected in service manager.

Pfa.. the screen shots?

Can you tell me why the Kibana dashboard is showing total heap in MB??

Kindly guide.

Regards, Chirag Shah

(Chirag) #2

Dear Team,

got it.. the server status seems to Kibana server status... I tried to cross check with the _nodes/stats api and it is reflected in elasticsearch...

still share your experiences.

Regards, Chirag Shah

(Mark Walkom) #3

That's Kibana's heap size.

(Kanstantin) #4

Dear Mark,
How can we increase Kibana's heap size on linux box?
Thank you in advance.

(system) #5