ES kopf and head plugins with shield


(Tim Dunphy) #1


I've just setup my elasticseearch cluster with shiled. Since doing that, my kopf and head plugins have gone dark and can't pull any information. What do I need to do?


(Tim Dunphy) #2

Never mind to this one. The data turned up in a while. I waited about 20 minutes before seeing any info in kopf. It usually turns up immediately without shield, which is why I asked.

All set now.

(rory) #3

How did you get this working?

I can connect to HQ plugin just fine. However, neither head or kopf are working for me. I've left them running for a couple hours and still nothing. weird thing is when you go to info in head it shows the default api info.


"status": 200,
"name": "elk-test-01.lab.local",
"cluster_name": "elktest",
"version": {
"number": "1.5.2",
"build_hash": "62ff9868b4c8a0c45860bebb259e21980778ab1c",
"build_timestamp": "2015-04-27T09:21:06Z",
"build_snapshot": false,
"lucene_version": "4.10.4"
"tagline": "You Know, for Search"

(rory) #4

I figured it out. I didn't have any indexes in my cluster so they were both saying the cluster was down. Once I made some indexes it started working right away.

(system) #5