Were to find working current Currator and Kopf for 5.1 ELK

Hello everybody,
I'm looking for a working Currator and working KOPF Plugin to manage the ELK 5.1.
I actually don't want to patch source codes or fixing programm lines to get it work (kopf as a stand alone)
My ELK 5.1 Stack is in a secure Backend with no internet connections. So i need the ready to run packages copied to the machine in install them locally.
Is there anything out there?
Best Regards,

Curator is developed by Elastic themselves so it sounds unlikely that it wouldn't work with ES 5.1, but without details of the problems you've had it's hard to help out.

Hello Magnus,
I just want to start. But i'm blind without an working KOPF / HEAD / Healthy Plugin and a curator which helps me clean it.
So far i found an link for curator which might help or not but i have to compile it first.
This stuff should be ready to run too, when presenting a new release.

But finding an Cluster Management Plugin which is working with 5.1.2 sees to be hard. I mean from where did you get your KOPF / HEAD Plugin ?

Best Regards,

This stuff should be ready to run too, when presenting a new release.

It is ready to run, and if you pick one of the other installation methods it'll be less work than installing from source.



As far as I know Elastic removed the way kopf and other plugins like it connected into Elasticsearch. So you won't be able to use it if you don't want to run it stand-alone.


Thank you, how do you monitor your ELK then? Do you use a stand alone solution?

Regarding a kopf replacement, the author of kopf is developing a replacement https://github.com/lmenezes/cerebro.

Hello Magnus,
A Misunderstanding. Inside the YUM-Repository Link is a sublink with direct download without using the repo.
I have to admit, i did'nt came to that conclusion to look there for the binaries.

This is something I'm still searching for. Until I'll find an easy to use solution I tell my customers using the Elastic Stack to use the REST-API via curl.

Together with monitoring via Icinga 2 this should be sufficient for a safe setup although kopf and the like are more a bit more comfortable.

Unfortunately the best Icinga 2 plugin used to monitor Elasticsearch is not compatible to version 5.x by now, either. So checking if the service is running and doing some manual checks via API is the best effort I can offer.

Why not use the Monitoring plugin? It's free and comes with Console (aka Sense).

@warkolm I thought you only get the monitoring plugin from installing the X-Pack and will stop working after a trial? Am I missing out on some awesome freebie? :blush: You know I have no cash in my pockets at the moment :joy: :moneybag:

@ElNormeoRodeo I'm using Cerebro, it's effectively the same thing as KOPF. Missing a few features, but it still does the trick.

Monitoring is part of the Basic license, so it's free but not open source. You just register for a yearly license but that's it, head to https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions and click on the Basic License section for that.


Curator 5 is not ready for general consumption. However, Curator 4 works with Elasticsearch 5, as per the compatibility matrix.

You can direct download pre-compiled, self-contained versions for DEB (which supports Debian 8, and Ubuntu 12/14/16.04, and probably other similar derivatives) and RPM (RHEL/CentOS 6 and 7, separately supported).

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