ES node java heap space

Good afternoon.

There are two nodes of 32G each. 16G (50%) is
allocated for elasticsearch. There are 1000 indices of different sizes on these two nodes. Some indices are empty, some are more than 20G. All indices have the same settings: 2 replicas and 7 shards. Periodically (calculated experimentally), the node fails due to java heap space because of a specific index, which
occupies about 20G. If this index is deleted the problem disappears.


  1. How to understand what elasticsearch exactly does before the node fails?
    What influenced the process?
  2. If we reduce the number of shards, will memory consumption on the nodes decrease? What will be affected?
  3. Could large documents in this particular index be the fail cause of the node?
  4. Does replicas quantity for the index affect the resource consumption during indexing? How much?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

I think it looks like you have way too many shards for a cluster that size. Please read this blog post on shards and sharding guidelines.

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