ES Not Starting and No Logs On Azure Ubuntu Instance

I am deploying an Elasticsearch installation to an Azure Ubuntu (16.04.03 LTS) instance. I've done many ES installs before, so am familiar with the process, but on this particular machine I'm having trouble getting it to run. This is happening with multiple versions of ES. This is the first time I've deployed on an Azure instance, however.

I have grabbed the TAR files from:

Then I extracted the TAR files, configured the node, cluster and port settings and dropped the allocated memory for ES to 512m. Oracle Java 8 is installed on the machine.

When I start up the ES instance, nothing happens. The command appears to be running and then I'm given another command prompt a couple of seconds later. No ES output shows on the command line. Logs are created, but they are all empty. I set the logging to DEBUG and later TRACE to try and get it to produce output, but I still don't get any. Checking to see if ES is running by doing $ps aux | grep elasticsearch shows that it isn't running.

I am only trying to run one instance at a time. Ideally I want to run with ES 5.5.0, I had just installed ES 2.4.1 to see if that would produce any different results.

I've never seen anything like this before, and am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this issue. Any advice is appreciated.

An update to this.

I've looked at the system logs (/var/log/syslog) and monitored it as I was starting up ES.

I saw this in the logs:
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075710.797219] Call Trace:
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075710.797219] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x33/0xa3
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075710.797219] Code: Bad RIP value.
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075710.797219] RIP: 0x7fe23c670ae8 RSP: ffffb937c617bf50
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075710.797219] CR2: 00007fe23c670ae8
Feb 19 11:19:03 AZUREMACHINE kernel: [2075711.737161] ---[ end trace 9a87081911b79205 ]---

Which lead me to this thread:

I upgraded ES from 5.5.0 to 5.6.7 and it's running now, so the immediate issue is solved. I would however like to get 5.5.0 running on this system as it's meant to be an exact copy of another system on this infrastructure.

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