Es Rolling Upgrade qustion from 5.5. to 5.6

Hi, guys.

I maintain a ES cluster which has 16 nodes.
(3 master, 11 data, 2 clients)

My question is that which sequence do I need to do a rolling upgrade among 3 types of node.

I'm supposed to upgrade data nodes first and client nodes and finally master nodes.

I guess if I upgrade master nodes first, my cluster would be changed to 5.6 cluster
as a result, I think it would be hard to connect 5.5 data nodes into 5.6 master.

So I want to verity that wheather I need a sequence to do a rolling upgrade or not.

Thanks you every time for a smart answers. :slight_smile:

P.S. I also want to apply x-pack plugin BTW, does it make sense to conform the same sequence as I do a rolling upgrade?

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