ES with high "total_opened"

I am using nodeJS & perl clients to connect to ES. While reading the definitive guide of ES I found that my ES shows

Node -1
"transport": { "server_open": 13, "rx_count": 235417, "rx_size_in_bytes": 550972690, "tx_count": 235342, "tx_size_in_bytes": 67642574 }, "http": { "current_open": 2, "total_opened": 150136 },

Node - 2
"transport": { "server_open": 13, "rx_count": 235418, "rx_size_in_bytes": 67642574, "tx_count": 235337, "tx_size_in_bytes": 550972690 }, "http": { "current_open": 1, "total_opened": 5 },

I revised my code once again. I am opening a connection to connect but not closing it anywhere. How to close these connections after completion.

Node API
var elasticClient = new elasticsearch.Client({ host: config.EsConfig.hosts, log: 'info' });

Hi , the high number of http.total_opened seems to indicate that you are not using persistent connections. Weird that it happens on one node only. Are you maybe pointing to only that one node from one of the clients you are sending requests from? Our language clients (perl and js as well) ship with support for persistent connections so I would be surprised to hear that they are causing this to be honest.

I am using nodeJS client to connect to my ES. In that node client I mentioned my two node IP to share the load. But why one of the ES node having mode total opened. Can you guide me how to use persistent connections