"http" "total_opened" connection count is huge on data nodes


I have observed that "http" "total_opened" connection count is huge on data nodes.

Please help.


How huge? Why is it a problem>?

Are your clients not using persistent connections? How large is 'huge'?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reply,
We are facing performance issues and we have observed the below http total_opened count is continuously increasing on data nodes.
we are not sure of impact of this, if this is issue, does it have any limit that we can validate.

Please let me know how to check the persistent connections settings.

  "current_open" : 11,
    "total_opened" : 2826897


That is an ever increasing counter of the number of connections seen. Unless this grows very quickly this should probably not be anything to worry about.

Thanks Chris for clarification !!

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