ES with VBulletin forum platform?

As well as requiring a plug in to attach ES to To the forum platform I understand one of the difficulties is only displaying returned results to people that have the correct user permissions to view them.

(The forum has private areas and public areas)

The forum has 10 million posts in 1 million threads .

Users searches are approaching 500,000 per month.

I am interested in finding a developer that can work with my forum's developer to create a plug-in to communicate between the forum MySQL database and elastic search and then work with me to

  • tune relevance

  • build a set of aggregates relating to a secondary database of products that the forum members frequently referred to in their discussions.

  • suggested topic aggragate to "discover more"

  • set up admin viewable data like - most searched for terms and any other business intelligence reccomend.

Once that's set up I am sure I will want more over time so an ongoing freelance arrangement would be good.

Finally I would like this to be portable so that if I move to another forum platform (likely Xenforo) it could be connected to that in the future without a total rebuild.

Any comments, wise is words, words of warning general input and offers of work much appreciated.

I hope this is okay for a debut post on this community. I am here to learn.

Many thanks in advance