[esaggs] > error in data table visulisation


We have an index with a large amount of data coming through and have created a data table to visualize the data. The data table contains 1 metric and 5 buckets and the size for each bucket has been set to 50,000 to accommodate the amount of rows we are expecting.

When setting the time range for longer than a week, an error appears: [esaggs] >
and the amount of rows appearing is around 13,000. When disabling some of the buckets the number of rows increases but they never reach 50,000 before the error [esaggs] > appears

Is this a limitation of the data table visualization itself or is there another reason why this might be happening?

Hi @hNiven

do you use Lens, TSVB or the Table visualization ?
What version of the stack do you use?
Can you post the full esaggs error here?

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

thank you for the quick reply.

I am using the data table visualization
Using v7.9.1
and the full error i get is just - [esaggs] >

It is a bit hard to debug the issue as there's no error message.

Newer version of Kibana can provide better error messages in general (and various bug fixes as well). Are you able to upgrade to a newer version of Kibana?

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