Evaluate condition when HTTP input fails

Is it possible to have Watcher evaluate it's condition when the HTTP input fails? We have a watch on a dependent system outside of the Elastic stack. We're pinging and looking for anything not equal to "GOOD" from the service response. It's been working great until yesterday when the system went down and we didn't get an alert because the input failed. We have other ways to monitor sites like this but watcher was the lowest barrier to entry.

messages: [
    "failed to execute watch input"
result: {
    execution_time: "2017-01-30T15:08:15.791Z",
    execution_duration: 6,
    input: {
        type: "http",
        status: "failure",
        reason: "ConnectException[Connection refused]",
        http: {
        request: {
            host: "xxxx",
            port: xxxx,
            scheme: "http",
            method: "get",
            path: "xxxx"
actions: [ ]


there is nothing like that out of the box, but as a workaround you could try wrapping the HTTP input into a chained input. The chained input will yield a failed result.


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