Event Counts By Week Table

I've been charged with creating something called an aging chart. According to the requestor, I need to create a table with rows by week ( week 1, week 2, etc...), and then columns counting the number of events that have a field equal to a given string.

Open Close Progress
wk1 2 0 25
wk2 5 1 0
wk3 4 10 10
wk4 9 25 7

Each week would correspond to a week in the month...so wk1 would be 7/1 - 7/7, for example. I see in Kibana where I can use a data table and filters to define the week row but I was hoping there was a way to generate what I want without "hard coding" the dates into the filter query.

The data table doesn't allow you to create columns based on buckets, but you could hack it with a heat map. Just add a date histogram with a weekly interval to the y-axis, and a filters or terms agg to the x-axis. To display the values in each cell you'll need to check the "Show Labels" option in the options tab. Here's an example:

Does exactly what I want, thanks @Bargs

@wwalker i would also suggest this nice plugin, the enhanced-table, it give you possibility to have a pivot table

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