Excel File with SSIS

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I am trying to import data from excel file(2007/.XLSX ) into SQL Server using SSIS.

But I failed to do this so I request to experts please guide me what is the procedure for doing this.From START TO END

Thank a lot in advance ...

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What is ssis ? I don't think it's related to elasticsearch

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Hello David,

SSIS stands for "SQL Server Integration Services".

yaa it's not related to elastic search but I want to solve my problem.

Thanks for the kind reply.

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Why are you posting a question on non related forums?

Sorry but you won't get your answer here.

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This is elasticsearch forum website, you will never solve your issue on unrelated website, but you will be glad to know that I have a perfect solution for your query so read the followings articles :

(1) SSIS Excel File Source
(2) SSIS Excel File Destination

Hope it's useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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