"exception":{"stackTrace":"ClusterBlockException[blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/4/index closed];]\n\tat

Hi All,

From past one month, at few instances diagnosis services failing at logstash we are getting a strange issue "exception":{"stackTrace":"ClusterBlockException[blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/4/index closed];]\n\tat org.elasticsearch.cluster.block.ClusterBlocks.indexBlockedException(ClusterBlocks.java:174)\n\tat org.elasticsearch.cluster.block.ClusterBlocks.indexBlockedRaiseException(ClusterBlocks.java:158)\n\tat

Cluster configuration: 4 data nodes, 3 master nodes and 3 client nodes
Elasticsearch version:ES: 2.3.1
Everytime we perform rolling restart and the problem goes away. Is there a specific reason this problem is occurring?

Something is closing indices in your cluster - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/indices-open-close.html

What sort of access control do you have in place?

There is no such access control mechanism as of now.

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