Executing kibana saved searches programatically?

(Shrikanth N C) #1

Will be happy to know if there are any direct ways or workarounds to make a REST call programatically to fetch the list of saved searches in kibana and to execute them as well ?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

All data for Kibana is stored in the Elasticsearch .kibana index. You can use the Elasticsearch API to fetch the data. For example: http://localhost:9200/.kibana/search/_search?pretty=true&q=* will display all saved searches.

Within the response, searchSourceJSON is a JSON encoded object from which you can use the index and query to then query Elasticsearch directly.

You should be able to use the saved searches in .kibana to do direct queries to ES
(Shrikanth N C) #3

Thank you for the spontaneous reply, very helpful.

Just wanted to know more clarity on the executing part.

Is there any way to execute a particular saved search through a GET rest call by passing the saved search title ?

If not can you comment on how do I frame a POST request that can be sent to ES for a json response ?

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