Explain the kibana dashboard link

(Sarthak) #1

I have created a dashboard in kibana. It has a share link that goes llike this

I am using kibana 6.0 in dev mode. First the txg part, it keeps on changing every time I start up kibana.
Second where is this app/kibana folder.
Lastly please explain this 934c1210 number is this index number or something else.

(Matt Bargar) #2

The txg is the base path. This gets automatically generated in dev mode to help us test the scenario where users run Kibana behind a proxy which makes kibana available under a different root than /.

app/kibana isn't a physical folder, it's a route defined and handled by the Kibana backend.

The number is the ID of the dashboard document stored in the .kibana index in Elasticsearch.

(Sarthak) #3

Thanks for the help.

(Sarthak) #4

One more ques where is this .kibana index in ES..is it in the config file.

(Matt Bargar) #5

No, it's a regular Elasticsearch index. Kibana's data is stored just like any other data in Elasticsearch.

(Sarthak) #6

thanks for the reply

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