How to retrieve kibana indexes from backup

I deleted Kibana idexes by following this thread. First time ELK installation and Kibana dashboard is red isdue

How can I retrieve Kibana Dashboards, visualization from backup from last night.

Where kibana stores .kibana indexes created from dashboard and visualization on Linux Server?

Hi Ashnav, which version of Kibana are you using? According to the upgrade docs, prior to 6.5 Kibana stored dashboards and visualizations inside of the .kibana index. After 6.5, Kibana stores this data inside of a .kibana_N index, where N is an integer and uses the .kibana index alias to refer to this index.

If you're on a version of Kibana prior to 6.5, then if you've created a snapshot of your .kibana index then you should be able to use the restore API to restore it and regain access to your visualizations and dashboards.

If you're on version 6.5 or later of Kibana, you'll need to restore both the .kibana index alias and the .kibana_N index which it points to. Take a look at the index alias API to learn how to query that index alias and see which index it points to.


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