Explenation why I can't see my data visualized

Hi I have the following data:

and when I make a visualization of this info I get nothing:

Many thanks!

This is because it doesnt show me decimal figures

Decimal numbers should work fine. This test data doesn't have timestamps so I can't do the exact same as yours, but you can see the sum of my decimal values are shown on the chart.

You can click the little arrow at the bottom of the page to get to the data table and see if it just has 0.

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Yes you are right, it is more inherent
as shown below:


I have an "ASR" that is 0.9, but when I use the following query:
GET filebeat-*/log/_search
"query": {


      "must": [
        { "match": { "ASR": "0.9"}}

I get:

> {
>   "took": 1,
>   "timed_out": false,
>   "_shards": {
>     "total": 2,
>     "successful": 2,
>     "failed": 0
>   },
>   "hits": {
>     "total": 0,
>     "max_score": null,
>     "hits": []
>   }
> } 

The log its self is as following:


Maybe you can help me understand this I will also ask this in ES not only kibana

If ASR is a number data type field, I think your query should use "ASR": 0.9 (without double-quotes around the 0.9). Can you see if that changes your result?

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I also just did some searches in Kibana Discover query bar for decimal results and then looked at the query it uses.
When I searched for system.load.norm.15:0.155 (got 12 hits) the query Kibana used was;

"query": {
    "bool": {
      "must": [
          "query_string": {
            "query": "system.load.norm.15:0.155",
            "analyze_wildcard": true

But I'm not an expert on Elasticsearch querying, and there's often multiple ways to get the results.

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