Explore data in Discover in Bar chart is disabled

Hi Team,

we are trying to get the Explore data in discover option in Bar charts.
Scenario: Here we have three Bar vertical layers individually in lens visualization then we are not getting the option (in Settings--->More--->) Explore data in discover

Is there any possibility to get that Explore data in discover option .

Hey, we haven't enabled it for multiple layers as they can reference different data views or use different x axis and can be tricky. Can you share your visualization with me?

A screenshot of the Lens editor to see the right dimensions panel will be sufficient. Thanx a lot!

Thanks for your response. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.


Ok got it, so you have the same horizontal axis. Yes at this case, it makes sense to be able to navigate to Discover. I will discuss it with my team and create an enhancement request.

What you could do now is to move the Reads not Processed or failed metric to the first layer. They have the same horizontal axis so you can have 1 layer with 3 metrics. In this case, the navigation to Discover will be displayed.

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