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I'm trying to export a workpad created in Canvas but I'm currently facing multiple problems:

  • How can we export in PDF without the "elastic" frame ?
  • During the export, text zones that were properly sized in the workpad are now too small for the text they contain. Maybe it is related to the resizing and the added frame ?
  • Since workpads don't have input variables, I'm using URL parameters in my workpad. So I open my workpad with the proper parameters in the URL, then click export. The generated PDF is broken because it didn't keep the variables in the URL.

Thank you

EDIT : the third point is quite solved by workpad variables, I think I read an outdated post, I thought such variables didn't exist.


Which version of the stack are you on right now?
Can you also please clarify what does it mean to export in PDF without the "elastic" frame?

Thank you


Thank you for your answer.
When I clicked on the export button and chose the PDF format, I thought I would actually get the slides alone, like when you export to PDF in Powerpoint for example. Instead, there is a frame around the slides:

I hope it is more understandable with this picture.

It occurs with Kibana 7.9.3.

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