Merging Canvas Workpads

Hi all!

I have upwards of 10 different Canvas Workpads that I now would love to proudly display on our wall monitor here at work and rotate through them all at a set interval but running into trouble doing so because I created them in separate workpads.

Is there an easy way of merging them into one? I tried to export each but each export is roughly 1093 words, or 25M in size, making it really difficult to work with. I could start over again but thats going to be a huge PITA.

Any suggestions or am I SOL? Thanks in advance!

Hi @rdesanno, unfortunately it is not easy to copy/paste pages across workpads, we have an open issue for it here:

The best way would be to export the JSON as you mention and copy/paste the pages into one.

Thanks for the update and appreciate you taking the time to look!

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