How to merge 2 canvas workpads?

Is there a way to merge 2 (or more) canvas workpad?
What will be the best solution?


Unfortunately this is not currently possible directly from the UI. One workaround would be to export both workpads as JSON (Share > Download as JSON), and then copy the pages and assets from one JSON file into another, change the workpad ID and name, and re-import.

This is error prone, but might achieve what you are looking to do. You also might consider opening a feature request so that the team can consider ways to make this easier!

Thanks for the advise.
I went with the first method of copying parts of the JSON.
It went well, eventually. Not smoothly, but OK.


After the merge, all visualisations from the new/merged in canvas are null/0, as the query does not return the correct value.
It does return correct values with preview data button.
Anyway to force a global refresh on the canvas?

I found a workaround.
Applying a filter and running the code refreshes the visual.
Any way to workaround this?

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