How to import and export Canvas workpads via rest call,curl or any other way?


How to Import and export Canvas workpads via rest call,curl or any other way.

Please help me.


Yes, you can do that.
You can list all workpads by using this request

GET kibanahost:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad/find?name=

In the resulting JSON file there will be fields called id.
And now you can export a workpad like that:

GET kibanahost:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad/<id-you-want-export>

the id normally has a name scheme like workpad-<uuid>
Import a workpad you have two possibilities.
You just can open the drag and drop icon in kibana and after words you just can drag and drop to Canvas.

Second possibility if you want to import by API. For doing this you will have to do a step in advance. You need to open the JSON file and just remove the whole string like "id": "workpad-<uuid>", and then you can import the JSON file:

POST kibanahost:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad @<json file>
POST kibanahost:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad
  content of json

You can do the same in case you just want to update a workpad, remove the id field again:

PUT kibanahost:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad/<id-of-workpad>
  content of json

For importing and exporting all workpads at once, I didn't find an API possibility.

Hi Andre_letterer,

Thanks a lot to above information.but one thing i am using java rest call post data it is not working.
i have open the json file and remove the whole id string also.

String indexResponse = RestClient.sendRequest("http://kibanaip:kibanaport/api/canvas/workpad @/root/Downloads/canvas-workpad-PieWorkpad-workpad-1ccdfd1c-554c-4d01-9810-46c3a8fb0a25.json", 3000, "POST", userName, password);

please help me.


I am not such a Java programmer, but just in case... Did you replace kibanahost with you kibanaip and kibanaport with the port you use normally?
How you are opening kibana normally, I mean, what is the url for that?

Hi Andre_Letterer,

Sorry it is working.Thank you so much to your help.


Hi, that's great to hear.

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