Export CSV doesn't work v7.9.0

Hi everyone! I hope some of you met the same trouble with csv report generation.
I read articles at the forum but didn't get the same case. So I try to export saved search in Kibana 7.9.0 but receive Service Unavailable error. OS: Mac OS X;
I did this operation many times on Ubuntu and Kibana 7.5.
Can anyone advise me a fix?

Screenshot from 2020-12-10 11-31-38

Screenshot from 2020-12-10 11-31-57

Screenshot from 2020-12-10 11-35-37

Hmm, are you seeing any errors in the Kibana server logs? And what is the error you're receiving in the response? (Can you open the network tab in your developer tools?)

Thanks for response. No, I haven't found logs. Directory /usr/local/var/lib/kibana described as default directory doesn't contain log files.
Yes, opening network tab was a first thing I did. But it hasn't provided useful information for me.
Screenshot from 2020-12-10 19-22-54

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