Export Raw CSV (for Kibana read only user)

our customers are accessing the kibana dashboard in read only mode and they are trying to download the Raw CSV but they get only 1 number (same as the formatted CSV) It seems like they cannot download the entire raw data set. isn't that a bug? I mean the option for Raw CSV is offered to read only user - why they cannot download the entire raw data set?

The method being used to download the CSV data is applied only to the visualization they are inspecting. It looks like that visualization is a Metric which has the purpose of calculating a single number.

why they cannot download the entire raw data set

Try adding a saved search panel which will show the raw data in a table similar to the Discover app. A search panel in a dashboard has a "Download CSV" option which will download all the data that can be found within the dashboard's filters. The read-only user must have privileges to create CSV Downloads in the Dashboard app, which can be set up using Kibana Application privileges. See Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.16] | Elastic on how to set up Reporting to use Kibana Application privileges.

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