Export timelion sheet to pdf / html?



is there a free solution to export all panels in timelion sheet to pdf or save the whole dashboard to html?

If saving a normal dashboard to html just via the browser, I lose tooltips, but the graphs are shown.
If I do the same in timelion the panels stay empty.

Saving to pdf via printing to pdf (pdf creator or builtin chrome function) are giving disappointing results:
breaking the page inside a panel, printing not all panels or print just a part of the panel and drop the rest.

Tried in Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi.

I would like to export them for documentation of tests. What is the easiest solution?
Since I have many panels (8-20) on the page, I would like to export all at once.

Kibana 5.1.2

Thanks, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

Currently you can share a dashboard as either an html link or as an snapshot.

If you click on management->saved objects, you can export it as a json file.
Let me know if that helps.



Unfortunately it doesn't help. We have a data retention time of 30 days.

Some dashboards we would like to export to use offline, so that we can compare the graphs of 6 month ago (which data is not any longer in elasticsearch) and the current time period.

I played around with phantomjs yesterday.
for normal dashboards its runnnig fine as png output. I was not able to get pdf export running.

On timelion dashboard phantomjs has some problems, if you define less rows for the sheet than you have panels.
Workaround there is setting the setting a big window height (e.g. 3k pixels) and set the rows in timelion options to the number of lines you have. 12 lines are maximum (at least in GUI).

I also noticed that it is possible with vivaldi browser to save the whole page (not only what is shown in the viewport) as picture (screenshot). I think there should be equal plugins for chrome, firefox, etc.

Are there any alternatives, better practices available?

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