External URLs not enabled for Vega on Elastic Cloud - Review

Hello there,

As clarified in previous posts (2018-2020), redirection to external URLs is not enabled for Vega charts on Elastic Cloud for security reasons (vega.enableExternalUrls).

I would like to check if there is any update on this issue or if it is planned for future release?

I wish to redirect my clients to my business website in a new tab. This is already possible using LENS visualization (Drilldowns > Go to URL > Single click > Open in new window), but not in Vega charts.

I'm running ELK 8.6.0.

Thank you in advance! (;

Hi @victorhmorales! I do see some previous discussions about this, but I don't know of existing plans for relaxing the constraint on cloud. Would you like to open an issue for us? I think that would be the best way to get the discussion moving again.

Hello @Andrew_Tate, thks for your attention!
Okay, I'll open an issue because more than 90% of our dashboards use Vega charts and it's important for our company to redirect our clients to external URLs like it's already possible/done with LENS visualization (as described in the post)

Please let me know if there is another way to redirect in Vega like it's done in LENS :smile:


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@victorhmorales yes, your use-case makes total sense! I'll look for that issue to come through and make sure it gets the team's attention.

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@Andrew_Tate issue opened

Thank u very much for your help!! (:
Looking forward

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