External URLs - Vega in hosted Kibana


I'm pretty new to Kibana and to Vega / Vega-lite in particularity, so I apologize if the question is somehow stupid, but I could't find a solution online.

So I'm trying to the Vega visualization interface in my hosted Kibana (Elastic Cloud), but keep getting this error: "External URLs are not enabled. Add vega.enableExternalUrls: true to kibana.yml".

I went through the Kibana documentation and but couldn't understand how do I edit the kibana.yml file.

Any instruction or clarification will be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, this option is not available on our Elastic Cloud offering for security reasons. There may be other options depending on what you're trying to visualize. If you could share more details about what you're trying to create, I should be able to help!

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