Creating Vega visualization with Image in kibana v 7.13

My vega visualization is working perfectly on vega editor, but its failing on kibana.

On elastic stack version 7.9.2, the exception message is:

“External URLs are not enabled. Add vis_type_vega.enableExternalUrls: true to kibana.yml”

But no error / exception message with version 7.13.4, though visualization is NOT being created successfully.

No clue from debug logs (tried via Inspect)

Tried adding code block to vega but no luck:
config: { kibana: { renderer: svg } }
with reference Vega Image + Link display in Kibana - Elastic Stack / Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack

I'm expecting visualization to look like -- from vega editor

The code

    "$schema": "",
    "padding": 5,
    "width": 600,
    "data": [
        "name": "table",
        "values": [
          {"category":"A", "position":2, "value":0.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"A", "position":1, "value":0.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"A", "position":2, "value":1.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#00bd00"},
          {"category":"A", "position":3, "value":1.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#ff1f1f"},
          {"category":"B", "position":0, "value":0.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"B", "position":1, "value":0.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"B", "position":2, "value":1.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#00bd00"},
          {"category":"B", "position":3, "value":1.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#ff1f1f"},
          {"category":"B", "position":0, "value":1.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#ff1f1f"},
          {"category":"B", "position":1, "value":1.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#00bd00"},
          {"category":"C", "position":2, "value":0.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"C", "position":3, "value":0.6, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"},
          {"category":"D", "position":2, "value":0.3, "dvalue":50, "badgeColor": "#044ac1"}

      "scales": [
        "name": "x",
        "type": "linear",
        "round": true,
        "nice": true,
        "zero": true,
        "domain": {"data": "table", "field": "value"},
        "range": "width"
        "name": "y",
        "type": "band",
        "domain": {"data": "table", "field": "category"},
        "range": [0,600]
        "name": "size",
        "type": "linear",
        "zero": true,
        "domain": {"data": "table", "field": "dvalue"},
        "range": [0,5000]
    "axes": [
        "scale": "x",
        "grid": true,
        "domain": false,
        "orient": "top",
        "tickCount": 5,
        "title": "Images"
        "scale": "y",
        "grid": true,
        "domain": false,
        "orient": "left",
        "titlePadding": 5,
        "title": "Items",
        "offset": 4
  "signals": [
    { "name": "x", "value": 75},
    { "name": "y", "value": 75},
    { "name": "w", "value": 50},
    { "name": "h", "value": 50},
    { "name": "aspect", "value": true },
    { "name": "smooth", "value": true},
    { "name": "align", "value": "left"},
    { "name": "baseline", "value": "top"}

"marks": [
      "type": "image",
      "from": {"data": "table"},
      "encode": {
        "enter": {
          "url": {"value": ""}
        "update": {
          "opacity": {"value": 1},
          "x": {"scale": "x", "field": "value"},
          "y": {"scale": "y", "field": "category", "offset": 20 },
          "width": {"signal": "w"},
          "height": {"signal": "h"},
          "aspect": {"signal": "aspect"},
          "smooth": {"signal": "smooth"},
          "align": {"signal": "align"},
          "baseline": {"signal": "baseline"}
        "hover": {
          "opacity": {"value": 0.5}

Solved by updating kibana.yml

vis_type_vega.enableExternalUrls: true

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