Vega visualization not loading static json file from system

HI folks,

I have tried vega visualization. which is available on
i have saved "flare.json" file in local system and accessible using file:/// on browser. but when i'm giving the path and execute the vega script it's throwing some exception over browser saying


i enabled "vega.enableExternalUrls: true" in kibana.yml file.
So i have some queries at this point

 1. is there any something else which i have to enable i kibana.yml.
 2.  which type of path is required to load the data file absolute/relative ?
 3. have anyone created vega visualization in kibana without loading data in elasticsearch ?

If anyone faced something similar and resolved kindly help me out.

Yash M.

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Thanks for your question. Pinging @nyuriks for more insight into this...


Hello rashmi,

I have seen some post of @nyuriks but i'm not sure whether it is appropriate solution of my problem or not.

When i get this error Initially i was thinking it is because browser itself disabled file loading because of security reasons. then i started a localhost at 9004 port and put my data there. but still it showing same error.
but if i put data url then it's works magically. it seems like it accepting data only from a particular domain.

Is there any other way where i can represent my static data over vega visualization ?

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