Extremely Weird Search Behaviour on "ing"

I have Elasticsearch 7 installed on a VPS for which I use with my Magento store.

After several tests, disabling/removing extensions and using 2 differant Magento Versions (but the same Elasticsearch installation), I can confirm that Magento is working correctly and a process of elimination has brought me here. Basically, any search which involves the letters "ing" reverts back to my original url whether it be a homepage or somewhere else on my website. No error logs generated within my site or in cpanel

Example: Cut, Cutt and Cutti give expected results. Cutting will not work
Example: Sand works, Sanding will not
Example: Premier, Exterior, Exterior Cut all work
Example: Bong works, Bing will not work
Example: Endong will work, Ending will not

I'm presuming there is an uncaught exception somewhere but no idea where to look beyond my current comments.

Has anyone seen behaviour like this before?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you elaborate more on what is happening here please?

Thought I had. However, I have done direct tests from the command line ie:
curl -X GET http://localhost:9200/*****/_search?q=name:sanding

and elasticsearch is returning results so I no longer believe this to be the issue.

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